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Here at EK Collision center we are a full service body shop.  There isn't a job that is worth doing that we haven't done.  Our shop will cut out huge portions of the body and replace with the expertise that matches your expectations.  We straighten frames, replace doors, replace panels, and fix anything that has happened during either an accident or simply because of your love of the car that has always been at the center of your life.



Our downdraft paintbooth is cleaned continously, filters are replaced, and system is constantly tested to ensure that our paintbooth provides the best paint job possible to satisfy our customers.  One could even say that we are a little over zealous with the cleanliness in our paintbooth.



Our drive on frame straightner can handle any convential vehicle on todays roads.  Our frame straightner is hydraulic based and when you combine that with our Chief Laser Lock frame measurement system, there isn't a frame that we cannot handle.



There isn't a window that we can't handle.  In fact, you could even say that our experience here is transparent.



There isn't a body repair that our shop has not performed exceptional well.  We will fix everything from a minor door ding all the way to cutting out significant sections to repair significant body damage.



We are a fully certified MPIC Autopac repair service center.  Bring your car in here and we take care of all the paperwork and will ensure that the car gets repaired better than you expect.  When we find more damage than MPIC expected then we will ensure that the additional work will be quoted and MPIC will be notified and the work approved without affecting the customer.

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